Favorite 2020 gift

You have never been so close to becoming your favorite yellow character, that’s why we are here to make it happen.

Step 1

To discover How would you look in the yellow style? «Simpsonize», you must first take a photo of yourself.

Step 2

Send us your photo that is well lit or your personal features are noticeable enough so that when you are portrayed you come out as similar as possible.

Step 3

When your illustration is complete we send you your final design by mail so that you can print it up to A3 size (poster).

Why choose us?

  • Speed
  • Original Designs
  • Personalization
  • Commitment
  • Warranty

Orders of the week

During this season we have achieved that many followers and fans of the simpsons can turn their photos into yellow characters, here are some of the most curious requests.
Bohemian nights
Mother and daughter fashion
Family love
My pet is everything!

Simpsonize today

Customize your cartoons in the simpson style, send us any background to personalize it and we will immortalize your photos in a beautiful yellow illustration.

Seasonal shopping

You can check our best offers so you can get your favorite yellow illustration, pintameyellow will take care of making your drawing come true
A simplified picnic
Friends on vacation in Dubai
Strolling through the supermarket
Holidays in the forest

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50% DSCTO.

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